Silicone rubber vacuum molding machine


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Rubber hydraulic press machine

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Rubber silicone press machine

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Operators skill level wont affect the productsquality;

Apply to molding of rubber products and thermosetting products with complex

    technical parameters (such as exhaust, repeated exhaust or midway exhaust), high

    quality requirement and products with special technical parameters;

Higher switching speed and larger mold capacity;

Replace conventional electric contact pressure gauge and cut down fault rate

   by 50%; pressure is set on computer panel, accuracy up to 0.1;

Original imported computer, stable and reliable, has multistage exhaust


Mold-opening height and exhaust height are set on computer panel, highly

   accurate and convenient;

Electric hot plate has preheating function;

9999 sets of molds and complete technical parameters which are convenient

   to invoke.

Product automatic counting (saving upon power failure);

Special requirements, electric hot plate temperature can be controlled within ±3.